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2014 Diamond Screen Film Festival Awards

icon_11_image_xl128 The 16th Annual Diamond Screen Film Festival took place on May 6th and 7th at International House Philadelphia. Over 200 people attended the Closing Night Screening and Awards Ceremony including Dr. Robert Stroker, Dean of Temple University’s Center for the Arts, David Freese,  the founder of The Derek Freese Film Foundation  and Allison Koehler from The Philadelphia Film Society which offered screenwriter level memberships to the top prize winners–Malia Bruker, Craig Scheihing and Viraj Nayar. Check out the full list of this year’s winners below: 2014 Diamond Screen Film Festival Awards -Best Long Form Screenplay:

“Senior Project: Take 5″ by Jasmine Callis

-Best Short Form Screenplay: “Wildfire” by Chikira Bennett -Best Editing:

“Home Movies, Sketches, and Snapshots” by Craig Scheihing

-Best Experimental/Animation Film:

“Home Movies, Sketches, and Snapshots” by Craig Scheihing

-Best Cinematography: “A Man Full Of Trouble” by Michael Johnston (Cinematographer-Matt Smith) -Best Graduate Film: “Heirloom” by Malia Bruker -Best Undergraduate Film: “Dice” by Viraj Nayar -Best Non-Fiction Film: “Heirloom” by Malia Bruker -Best Fiction Film: “Dice” by Viraj Nayar -Derek Freese Filmmaker Awards: “Streets To Call Our Own” by Kara Lieff and “Dice” by Viraj Nayar

Check out the pictures below:

Photo Credit: Menglong Liang